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Best Kitty Party Themes For Your Monthly Catch-Up, Ladies!!

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Pick A Creative Theme For Your Next Kitty Party!!

Innovative kitty party themes can make a lot of difference in the monthly social gatherings of ladies, better known as kitty parties. Colorful creative themes add glee to such social affairs.

The get together of ladies is all about enjoying the moments to the core and letting go the everyday tensions, and when a kitty party is based on a fanciful theme the aura is matchless. An innovative theme adds a pinch of enthusiasm and excitement into the simplest kitty parties and make them grand.

Here is the list of some creative kitty party themes that you can consider for your upcoming kitty, especially when you are going to be the host. Every time you must try a different kitty party theme. Forget about the other kitty party tasks, KittyBee, the queen of all apps will take care of them very well.

1. Fashion Theme: This is one of the easiest kitty party themes as you just need to follow up the latest trends in all sections of the party, be it dress code, delicacies, decor or any other thing. Besides, create a fashionable ambiance by picking up some funky stuff for the decor. Prefer using girly pink cushions. Games based on fashion theme like a ramp walk or modeling game will add to the flavor of the theme.

2. Festive Theme: Festive theme never goes out of style for Indian kitty parties. There are so many festivals every month that you can choose a festive theme anytime. All you need to do is to follow the festive dress code. Ladies can come dressed up in the typical festive dresses. Kitty party with a festive theme is a solid package of tasty dishes, impressive decor and games related to the specific festival. You can call the party as ‘Lets Go Festive Ladies’.

3. Single-Colored theme: At times it feels good when you and your friends wear the same colored dresses. It adds the fun factor into life. So, why not host a single-colored based kitty party. You can set a particular colored dress code, offer single colored dishes on table and keep the decor restricted to the same color. It feels good to be solo-colored once in a while.

4. ‘Tapori’ Kitty Party Theme: This theme might sound weird but in reality its funny and everyone will love the idea of going ‘tapori’. Ladies can dress up like famous ‘tapori’ Bollywood stars. Every kitty member will be assigned a specific ‘tapori’ look and they have to come prepare with some famous dialogues. Venue decoration should also be in ‘tapori’ style.

5. Firangi Theme: Why not look outside India for the theme of your next kitty party? Consider opting for the Firangi style theme. The dress code would be mini or western dresses, and the ladies can come in ‘firangi’ makeover like they may get their hair colored. Let there be a western day in the life of your kitty members.

6. Kitchen Queen Theme: Why not add some variety in your next kitty party in all aspects. Tell every kitty party member to bring hand cooked dish to the kitty party, and you can organize games like ‘Miss Chef’. Keep some exciting gifts for the best chef.

There is so much you can do to make your kitty parties filled with lots of enthusiasm, excitement and fun. Pick a creative theme and make you kitty party an unforgettable affair. If you looking for a kitty party planner in chandigarh, then visit at kittybee.in

Author Bio: Kavya Sharma is an online writer, who writes about an array of topics like kitty party themes, latest trends etc. She writes about fresh ideas that you can consider to make your life more exciting and refreshing.

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