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Good Skin Care Products: A Guide on How You Can Spot Them

Article By: Cid Roberts | Submitted: 11 months ago in Wellness, Fitness and Diet

Stumbling upon good skin care products in a whim is an impossible dream. With the vast and wide selection of products today, it is hard to find which ones are the best for our skin. Choosing the right skin care products is important since it can spare you from a few uncomfortable irritations and severe damages that can even reach through internally. Mall of Cosmetics is one tool that consumers can use to filter through the selection and choose only the good skin care products.

Factors to consider in choosing the best skin care products

There is an endless list of factors that can tell if what you have is a good one or not. But for starters, here are some of the most important ones:

1. What is your skin type? – Before jumping into the shelves of the skin care products, first, you must determine the type of your skin. Once you’ve determined your skin type, then you can choose the products that are perfect for your skin. Here are the basic skin types in case you are wondering:

• Normal - lucky for you if your skin type is normal! It’s perfectly healthy and all you have to do is maintain it. You’ll know if you have a normal skin type if you seldom encounter any oiliness or dryness. Your skin contains just the right amount of moisture to keep it well balanced.

• Oily - If you have too much moisture and oil on your skin, then this is your skin type. You will often find your skin shining sticky.a

• Dry - This is your skin type if you can almost feel zero oil on your skin. Your skin will flake in dryness and most of the time these are painful.

• Combination – Different skin type around the T-zone

• Sensitive – Gets irritated easily. Eczema and allergies are present.

2. Burning and stinging are not good signs! - These sensations are actually your sign that the product is bad for your skin. Stop using the product immediately and go for a milder skin care products. When the product stings or burns your skin it destroys the protective layers of the skin and it can be vulnerable to all kinds of danger.

3. Toxic check - Take your time to study a little bit about chemicals. Make sure that you stay away from parabens and carcinogens since these elements can cause cancer. Having the basic knowledge in chemicals can greatly help you protect your skin, as well as your body.

4. Rely on experts – If you are unsure of some products to use, visiting your dermatologist can help you get a better knowledge of the products that you are about to use. Sometimes, we may not notice it but your skin may be allergic to some ingredients that most people are using.

Sometimes, we may not notice it but your skin may be allergic to some ingredients that most people are using. The only person who best advice you on what ingredients are safe to you is your dermatologist. Though it is also great to always look for more information on your own but all the heavy stuff should rely on experts.

5. Get yourself updated – Knowing the latest stuff in skin care greatly helps. Regularly check on some skin care or hair care news outlet regularly. Who know, there might be some ingredients or products that were banned by due to toxic ingredients.

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