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3 Ways to Create More Attractive Blog Posts

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With so many blogs to follow, how do you choose your favourites? Are there instances when you feel –“wow that blog looks nice” or “how poor is the content on this page”? Probably you don’t even read the second one.

Content for blogs has to looking appealing to visitors and appeal to them. They need to have visual attractiveness to:

· Improve reader engagement

· Drive backlinks from top-ranking websites

· Prompt Google to give high rankings to your site

· Add more credibility to your brand persona

How do you achieve this in the real world?

Here we go:

Make an awe-inspiring headline

One an average the number of people who read the headline of your blog is 5 times the number of people who ready the entire copy. This is why headlines matter. To craft an effective headline you need not fear oddity. The headlines that attract attention are often strange and they stand out from clutter. For instance a blog about mistakes in SEO can have a headline like “6 Mistakes that are Affecting your SEO” but this is too banal. A better way to say it will be “6 Devils Who Wreck Your SEO Building Blocks”. The idea is to make someone stop and stay. “Wait, what was that?”.

Format like a pro

Visitors do not read every word on your blog site. As per a research they just read 20% of the words on a page. Make every effort to ensure that they do read as much as feasible. For this you can use the following elements:

· Sub-headers

· Short paragraphs

· Bullets listings

· Bolds and italics in words

· Internal links

Don’t forget the seemingly minor details

Artists pay attention to every detail of their work. The same should be taken care of by bloggers or content marketers. In the world of web based writing, these details are in the form of:

Good meta descriptions: Apart from the title, meta description is the only other attribute that you can use to entice searchers on Google to click your post over another. If you can spend hours in polishing your post, you can take a few minutes to make a great 155-character description for it.

See that the post looks good when shared on social media: Ever noticed how sometimes the image gets partially hidden or does not show at all when you share a link to your post on Facebook? Test your post and delete if it does not look good. There are widgets and plugins on some blogging sites that help you optimise your posts for social media sharing. Test and use some of those.

Add the visuals: Blogs without pictures look drab. If you do not have images with copyright, borrow some from the Internet but don’t forget to give credits. Visuals make your blog look attractive and more comprehensible. If your blog is a “how-to” article or demonstrates the use of something, it is good to upload a video with it.

Making your blogs beautiful is not a challenging task. You just need to put your heart into it and ideas will pour in.

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