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Christmas Tree Angel Tradition

Article By: Seaport Jim

Keeping with a century old tradition, the placing the Christmas Tree Angel is the last decoration placed on the Xmas tree. It started on December 23rd decades ago. On that cold winter day, anticipating Christmas Morning, Santa went to the sleigh loading area at the North Pole. The elves were supposed to be loading toys for all the girls and boys onto the red wooden sleigh. There were no toys in sight. The sleigh was empty. Where is Olaf, Santa asked one of the elves? He was referring to



Music and Me

Article By: Geo Clark

Before the MTV revolution of the 80's, there were no music videos outside of whatever was recorded from live television. The first record that I ever received was “ I want you back” by the Jackson 5. It was a cutout on the back of a box of Super Sugar Crisps. Shortly, after I received that first record, I received a phonograph to play 45 speed and 33 speed records. “I want you back” is still my favorite song today. We had the radio. This was our favorite musical instrument. I don't re



Changing Times; Season-to-Season and Year-to-Year

Article By: Geo Clark

Does anyone remember playing king of the hill in the winter time. We would find a large mound of snow that the snow plow created and the games would begin. Sometimes we would have teams but most of the time everyone had to fend for themselves. You had to have a strategy to get on to the top and have a strategy to stay on the top. As the game progressed, the hill got more slippery so it was even tougher to get to the top. There were times where you spent every piece of energy just getting to the



The Summer Move From Hot to Humid

Article By: Geo Clark

In August of 2010, the family made the move from sunny and not humid Southern California to very humid Indianapolis. The kids were 13,11,and 8 at the time. I figured that it would not be a big deal for them. I should have realized early that my children were not summer outdoor kids even in California. They were more in tune with video games as opposed to finding some friend that had a swimming pool on a hot day. My wife had lived in Central New York so I figured that she would get acclimated pre



The Next 500 Years of the Golden Age

Article By: Allison Hayes

The Shift what is it? Its a shift of consciousness, but why is it happening? Basically, were coming to the end of the Mayan Calendar, which is called One World Age and it happens to be 5,125 years. Now those Mayan years are a little shorter than our usual 365-day year. Actually, the Mayan years are more like a 9-month year and they base that on the time it takes for a child to be conceived and born and the time it takes for the wheat and the corn to be planted and harvested. So its more lik



What is the Day of the Dead?

Article By: Johann Erickson

The Day Of The Dead is a highly revered Mexican holiday celebrated in the country of Mexico, and in other select locations around the globe. Some have called The Day Of The Dead a Mexican Halloween as both holidays draw inspiration from the Catholic All Saints Day, both take place within a few days of each other, and both are in modern times both are sometimes celebrated by dressing up in costumes and preparing sweet snacks or candy. The Day Of The Dead draws its inspirations from the Cathol



Major Catastophic Events

Article By: Gemma Bailey

If Im honest, I always shudder a little when I set out to write an article such as this one. The main reason is that whilst at this moment in time, the words I am writing will make perfect sense, I also know that there will be a time when they come back to haunt me. At a time when I least want them to, I will have to listen to my own good advice. (Of course worse than that is someone else telling me to listen to my own good advice.) You might be wondering after reading the title of this arti



My Friend Informed This Story

Article By: Johnson Novoa

Nowadays, lots of people are unclear with the actions that must be applied if undertaking a new developing task. Probably the most probably disregarded cost throughout a design or perhaps remodeling task can often be the charge for a rubbish to rent. Even though such charges may appear a bit trivial as opposed to price of the full development career, they ought to don't be overlooked. It's advocated in order to get rid of particles and also waste as quickly as possible mainly because there'll mo



'The Official Baby Watcher' - The "Fanciful" Baby Watchman With A "Real" Purpose And Mission

Article By: Ray Gatica

This is a story of a brave little misfit named Wob, and how he became a hero- of-a- different - sort. From as far back as anyone can remember Wob sat on a high shelf in the babys room. But, even though he was in the babys room he was not a stuffed, cuddly doll that the baby could hug or play with. And, though he had sort of a clown face and looked like a lil soldier somewhat, he wasnt a funny clown nor a tin or wooden, toy soldier either. He was just a funny looking little guy with a b



Amateur Radio - The Story Of The American Radio Relay League.

Article By: David Thorson

The American Radio Relay League was founded in 1914 and is the USA's largest membership organization for radio amateurs, with over 154,000. It is a non profit making organisation that provides both technical advice and assistance to amateur enthusiasts as well as supporting a number of educational programs throughout the US. It is also the primary representative organization of amateur radio operators. The ARRL represents its members by lobbying Congress and the FCC and performs a similar role i